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Command Control at Virgin Media Game Space

Command Control has been on show this week at the Virgin Media Game Space.

A big thank you to David Hayward for curating such a great event for the past 4 weeks and to Virgin Media for making it all possible. It was a privilege to be invited and show my work.

Command Control on show at Virgin Media game space

This was a great opportunity to be part of an event with other developers also sharing their creations.

Everybody involved and all attendees I spoke to were friendly and enthusiastic about the selection of games. There were some interesting ideas for iterations of Command Control, I think the game concept went down really well.

Some other highlights

'Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime' was on show. A fun co-op game with a nice visual style and plenty of spaceships, can't wait until it's released. I Highly recommend.

Multiple oculus rift games were on show over the past few weeks. Still can't get enough of the Oculus. Nothing I got to play compared to that of EVE Valkyrie from Fanfest this year but it was still fun to see what others are doing with this tech.

Oculus at VMGS

Sam at Virgin Media Game Space

Command Control

I had a blast creating Command Control and I'm pretty sure people enjoyed playing it too. I got to learn new skills and reinforce old ones, creating something I'm sure i'll remember for year to come.

Command Control is a physical collaborative spaceship game inspired by Spaceteam. If you're keen to learn more about this project check out a small piece of the internet dedicated just to Command Control.

If you want to see Command Control in action at the Plymouth University degree show, check out this set of photos on flickr.

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