How It All Started - 9 Steps to start "Getting It"

To get anywhere you need to take action. This is true both physically and mentally, to inact some sort of change in your thinking you need to change your inputs.

i genuinely believe that these have had a positive impact on my life, so if i didn’t tell you about it. if i kept it to myself to save myself from critisim i’d be doing both myself and you a dis-service.

i work with “take what you can use and leave the rest attitude”, if you think half of these ideas are BS thats cool, dont worry aout those wirry about the half you think are decent.

a lot has happened since I wanted to write this. ~ 2 years later!! i’ve read different books, listened to different podcasts, my sleep cycle is messed up again and i don’t (only) take cold showers ut this is how it all started. if i needed to restart i’d go back to this list and do it all again!

You know when you speak to someone who just “gets it”…

I can’t promise this will have any affect on you, all I can say is that I account these few steps to massive overwhelming change in my life. I hope one life might be nudged in a better direction with these #lifetips actionable takeaways simple ideas.

i am a firm beliver that your mindset will dictate the direction of your life. I don’t want to get all woo woo but you get one shot at life and it’s on you to make it epic, if you’re on autopilot you’re life will be average aka boring .

This is not a post about how my thoughts changed, I could talk at length on that but it wont have impact. Your views needs to adjust by themselves on your own timeline. This is a post about the actions i took which changed my thnking. Actions are replicable, therefore following these may infact move the needle forward for you.

These are instructions for a hypotetical Sam Billingham who never took this path

im not sure where this chain treally starts and these actions arent necessaily in chronollogical order.

1. Read these three books

in 2014 for christmas when my parents asked what i wanted i finally had a good answer. Please by me some books. My dad brought me three books (that war of art, the 7 habits of highly effective people, how to win friends and influence people (i already had this, infact i think reading this is what prompted me to ask my dad to buy me the books) ) and gave me an his origional old copies of the revelations and the magic of thinking big. i’ll admit ive still not read 7 habits.

if you can’t afford them let me know and i’ll buy them for you or you can borrow my copies.

2. listen to Seanwes Podcast

Seanwes is now a paid community,

3. Start going to bed earlier - then wake up at 6am

to make this work for me i was pretty ruthless. stopped going out to .. when i styaed up late i still got up early use sleep cycle 1.5 sleep cycles so on listened to ready player one audiobook every night. i’d be a sleep in3 minutes, id listened that many times it was just regular background noise. i know that story inside out. Parzival, art3mis, AECH, Diato, shoto

p.s i’m terrible at this right now.

4. Listen to every episode of TropicalMBA

listening to Dan and Ian changed my life. I don’t say that lightly.

It probably wont have the same impact on you and thats okay. I hope one day I can have as big an impact on a life as these did on mine.

5. read a bunch of posts on the blog of impossible things

sometimes you just need to see somone else do it first.

6. take cold showers for a year

do it!

see - How To Survive A Cold Shower

7. starting working out more seriously/take your health seriously

i’ll be honest again and say i’m bit slack right now, but i care. i really care. i hate hearing people make fun of their own lack of control over their body. :( The health of our bodies is one of the few things in life we can control(yes of course there are exceptions)

8. Listen to Les Brown everyday

My secret weapon.

Treat yourself

sure i like music as much as the next person but this is more helpful. it takes a long time for ideas to sink in i;ve listen to these 100s of times. you might no belive me but i’m not joking, once twice, three times a day.

9. Find Someone Who Looks Just Like You Who’s Made It.

I find youtube facinating, the internet in general is mind blowing. if you look hard enough you’ll find examples of people doing exactly what you want to do who look just like you.

We take the internet for granted.

2014 youtube - this it what got me. yout see nowadays everyones running around with an a7sii and a 16-35 flying to iceland or x cool place, 2014 yt is so much less gross.

if it wasn’t for these small bumps along the way i’d be in london. different job, new work friends, new local, same situations, same life plan, same story. it’s not that any of that is bad, in face i think it’s pretty great.

I still wonder if im the crazy one, if the clueless people have it better

this bring us to late 2015, obvisouly the story doesn’t end there but the biggest hurdle had been tacked. Belief. All you need is to belive it’s a possabilit for you and you’re on your way.

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