The 100kg Deadlift

Today the 100kg deadlift was crossed off the list. Deadlift 100kg.

The weight is not important, what matters was that not so long ago lifting 30kg was a struggle, with practise the weight increased to 50 then 60, 70, 80, 90. Walking into the gym this morning the thought of lifting 100kg off the ground had not crossed my mind, In fact this week my eating has been a bit shoddy and my sleep pretty average there was nothing special about today it was just Saturday. That’s how progress works. Progress doesn’t happen over night, it’s not some special occasion or random occurrence, it happens in the days weeks months years… yes years of taking consistent action. I’ve got more to give was my only though while looking at the 90kg on the ground - with the weights switched out I smashed 3 reps on 100kg. Sometimes you need to go to the edge and give it your best shot even if you’re not sure it will work.

Before starting to workout, picking heavy things up and putting them down used to amuse me, it’s pretty weird right? Now it has become far more than that, for me it has two benefits. Just like cold showers working out can help you harness your mind, not only do you train your muscles and CNS but you train willpower, determination and pure grit. Working out is a way to respect myself. We should all look after ourselves - unfortunately so often we make a distinction between ourself and our body, it’s unfortunate because there is no difference. You are your body. Whenever you’re doing right by your body, it’s all you.

17/10/2015 - 100kg deadlift crossed off the list and replaced by two more challenges.

Yeah thats right, competing in a triathlon scares the hell out of me, so that makes it sound like it’s worth doing.

The highlight of this day was walking home from the gym. Often while thinking about my next adventure or challenge my face is visibly excited. Today was no different my face beaming with happiness thinking of this next chapter I’m embarking on. A cyclist coming down the road shouted toward me ”stop giggling”, obviously my excitement was struggling to be contained. He received the biggest smile I’ve got. Because a big smile is a great gift :)

Have fun out there and If can ever help with anything just shout @sam_billingham

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