Turn Off Your Autopilot

Today is the day you shutdown you autopilot and take control.

Do you know where your life is heading? Do you take action on a daily basis to correct the course? Are you on Autopilot?

Adventures rarely happen when you are on autopilot.

There are multiple types of Autopilots, but today I’m looking at the daily autopilot. If you’re on autopilot then you probably won’t end up anywhere interesting.

Turning off autopilot is about taking action. Conscious decisions to create a life worth living, an adventure worth sharing. Focus is not an accidental state. You never catch yourself thinking “oh I’m really focussed right now”. No you come out of a day dream thinking “hmmm not very focused right now, am I”. Don’t get to the end of your next day, week, year thinking “hmm, wasn’t very focused was I”.

Either you’re choosing to focus on something, a task, a goal a habit or you’re just going with the flow.

If you seriously think about it, you are just letting your one and only life pass you by without focus. Have a serious conversation with anybody, they’ll agree they want to make the most out of their life, that they have goals and aspirations. So don’t let yourself go with the flow.

I have two goals, or I prefer the idea that I am working to foster two habits. Goals are great, but you have to be careful with you attitude towards them. A goal can lead to a “only being satisfied when you’re finished” attitude. That type of satisfaction that will be short-lived. If you focus heavily on the finish line, you’ll set new goals as soon as you achieve the ones you have. For me, I am working on health and fitness so sleeping well, eating well, meditating, working out. Habit number two is showing up to create things, writing, podcasting, build websites. I am increasing my creative output, so I produce more than I consume.

Many people run only on autopilot.

Pick a couple things to work on and take action. Daily. Small consistent action has significant compounding impact.

Autopilot disengaged.

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