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The Environment Saftey Network prototype

The ESN was the culmination of an IBM Smarter Planet workshop. We were tasked with using MQTT for a smarter planet based project. We developed the ESN as an idea and created this prototype for our presentation. The ESN is a network that is built on existing infrastructure of peoples clothing and gear when doing outdoor activities we’re then able to receive data that may tell us if a person is injured such as body temperature or heart rate and their GPS location to assist emergency services in aiding them.

We used a Number of different technologies in this project. We had a MQTT server running on a local Mac machine, an Arduino MQTT client with sensors, a Java MQTT Client that could publish to COSM and a web interface that is subscribed to COSM Datastreams and displays them effectively using MAPBOX.js for plotting co-ordinates.

My roles in this project

Helping to get a Java MQTT client receiving data from the Arduino MQTT client via the RSMB running on the local mac machine.

Setting up COSM and using COSM.js to subscribe to datastreams via Javascript in a browser.

Producing our prototype video you see above.

Published December 20, 2012 by Sam Billingham in Everyware