If Life Were A Sci-Fi Movie

I love Sci-Fi Movies. For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with spaceships, stories from a galaxy far far away and by explorers who travel to distant planets.

I asked myself, which character would I be in an epic Sci-Fi story?

Sam Billingham would be the main character of course. The one who’s stranded on a far away planet and survives. The one who travels light years to find a lost artifact that saves the galaxy. You know the one i’m talking about.

What I realised was, if real life were a Sci-Fi movie my part in the story wouldn’t even make the screen. I’d be tucked away in one of those shimmering towers. Perhaps caught in view as the camera pans the skyline before continuing with the main plot.

If life were indeed a Sci-Fi I would want to be the protagonist explorer not the technician working in the space station. Nobody wants to watch a movie about the programmer in London, so why was I living that story? With that in mind I set out to re-write my story and become that explorer.

It’s not all sunshine and warp drives. The explorer exposes themselves to the full dangerous extent of the universe. As a reward you get to meet friendly aliens, share stories of adventures, and maybe just maybe see a few sunsets in far away places.

90 days ago I quit my full-time job in London in search of adventure, freedom of location and freedom of time. I don’t know how the rest of this story is going to pan out. What I do know is that I’m one step closer to that spaceship.

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