Sam Billingham.

Web Developer. Birmingham, England. ☕️ ⛰ 💻 📹 🚀

Now availible for select projects.

Previously Steer & Harkable. Always running side projects.

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Web Developer & Instructor

Learning to code can be dull, but it doesn't have to be. While teaching I always strive to bring enthusiasm and excitement to every project.

At Steer I created and taught web development courses while working on internal projects to help people learning to code.

Unfortunately shortly after I left Steer closed it's door. :(

Web Development Courses

I taught three courses in Steers London classroom. Five day Front-End Web Development, two day js & jQuery and three day Data Visualisation courses. Teaching up to 15 people at a time.

Teaching Front-End Javascript jQuery D3.js

Created curriculum for js & jQuery and js & D3.js courses. Worked with @Samjmason, @blishop, @katgrog to create a the Front End course with Design work from @alicemollon and @LivTyth

Happyhost - Hosting Platform

Happyhost makes hosting a site, free and simple. OAuth via Github, Users then upload a folder containing their site and it is automatically hosted on Github Pages.

Front-End Ruby on Rails Github API Heroku

Development work alongside @samjbmason & Design by @alicemollon

Steercast - Weekly Podcast

A weekly podcast aimed specifically at Junior developers or those just getting started with coding. Hosted by @samjbmason and myself with regular teamsteer appearances. We interviewed guests including Harry Roberts(CSS Wizardry), Una Kravets and Ben Howdle talking about all things Web Design and Development.

Podcast Production Jekyll GH-Pages

Site Design by @alicemollon. Podcast Production split 50/50 with @samjbmason

Beyond 2015 - A conference for BEGINNERS

After teaching 100's of students Web Development we heard the same message. Tech events were too focussed on experienced developers. We created Beyond Conf to answer that need.

Jekyll Gulp Github Pages Event Planning BEM Git Flow

Beyond was a team effort from all those at @teamsteer. Site Design by @alicemollon. Site build lead by myself working with @samjbmason

Creative Developer

As the first develroper hire at a small digital agency I was responsible for the the production of multiple project across many platforms.

Projects included static html sites, wordpress builds, custom CMS builds with Code Igniter, Facebook apps & Node.js backends. Often working from initial project briefings through build, testing and deployment.

A handful of projects are shown here.

Hemsley Hemsley

Full site build for popular food bloggers Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley. Included migration of 100's of posts from Tumblr.

Wordpress Front-End Javascript Bootstrap

Design by @charlespattson

Birdy Gif Generator

A Gif based compettition site for Warner Music Artist Birdy. Gif's are pre-generated with a script, user selects a combination and display's in the gallery.

Codeigniter PHP JS jQuery Node.js (Script)

Design by @harkable

Bitcoin Stats Show & Desktop App

Co-hosted a 10 episode Bitcoin Show on Youtube and created the inital desktop version the Bitcon Stats App using Node Webkit.

Node.js Node Webkit

@ashleyford, @willfrancis, @rich186

Samsung Winter Wonderland

Created a dashboard for Samsung Winter Wonderland Christmas app giveaway. Admin pannel to edit/upload data read by the mobile app Front-End.

Codeigniter PHP Javascript jQuery

Design by @harkable.

OnePiece Jibber Jabber

Created a dashboard & Front-end One Piece Jibber Jabber promotion. Admin can edit and update videos on site.

Codeigniter PHP Javascript jQuery

Design by @harkable

OnePiece Live Twttier Wall

Using the Twitter real time API and websockets I developed a twitter wall do be displayed at live events.

Node.js Web Sockets Twitter API Front-End

Side Projects

I am facinated with the web and the tools used to power it. I often finding myself working on aditional projects I find interesting that will improve my skills as a developer.

clojurescript - Spotify Search

I interviewed with a London based startup that used a Clojure Stack. One of my interview tasks was to create a SPA in clojure & clojurescript hat searched the Spotify Web API.

Clojure Clojurescript Heroku Spotify API

Songs With Sam

After prototyping a potential multiplayer spotify quiz at work I decided to make a physical spotify player. I used a Raspberry Pi along with the unofficial 'node-spotify-web' libary to create a physical player controlled via a web interface.

Raspberry Pi Node.js Javascript Websockets unofficial Spotify API Front-End

Better Than Good

A place to share my ideas, set goals and inspire others.

Jekyll Blog Photography

Adrenaline DNA

An extreme sports and adventure based community. the project included a full wordpress site design & build and a seperate shopify build to match.

Wordpress Shopify Front-End Design

Super Tickets

Trying my hand at creating a support ticketing app. Ticket creation for uses, dashboard for admin.

Node.js Express.js MongoDB

Collaborative Design Toolkit

A Project for a friend working in Architecture. A chance to test my RoR knowledge.

Ruby Ruby on Rails Heroku

University Projects

In 2013 I graduated Plymouth University with a First-class honours degree in Digital Art & Technology

The course is as ambiguous as the name suggests, giving introductions to Web Development, Flash Development, Photography, Videography, 3D software, Aduino & other hardware.

My project Command Control is featured on the offical course website - BSC Digital Art & Technology

Command Control

A multiplayer computer game build with custom physical controls. Players work together to control a spaceship.

Node.js Arduino Websockets Game Design Product Front-End Javascript Video Production


Part game, part experiment Lucid uses technology to explore the area of Hypnopedia.

Websockets Open Sound Control Video Production Accelerometer Javascript

Team - @bloomingbridges, @benashman, @Wotton, @sam_billingham

Project Six

Six is an interconnected system both for analysis and to view as a visual experience.

Node.js Arduino MQTT Websockets 3.js Front-End Jekyll

Team - @chrispackard_me, @PRtheRose, @Wotton, @sam_billingham


Branding Product Presentation