3D Scanning

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Digital Art and Technology Real-Time Module.

3D scanning is the process of creating digital 3D models from real world objects. With the introduction of the xbox kinect it has made 3d scanning a possibility for everyone, before this was a possibility the previous affordable option was to use a laser and a camera with a CCD sensor and triangulate the position of the light . We looked at a couple currect projects that are pretty cool

Face Shift

You’re able to scan a personal avatar, train its facial expressions and then capture them in real time to map on any 3d avatar model. Its cool its cheap if you’re in the industry and its fast. creating these types of facial animations would take much longer using ordinary techniques. Check it out at Face Shift.


Okay so its expensive, $8000 expensive but its pretty cool. Using stereoscopic 3D, eye tracking, and then direct input using a stylus type pen you really feel like you are in the 3D space. The eye tracking allows you to feel as if you are looking around objects as well as holding a pen and navigating in the air adds to the feeling of depth.

We decided to try our hand at some 3D scanning using a Kinect. After seeing some mapping of clothes using ReconstructMe we thought it looked like terrain because of the 1cm accuracy things close blend together. When you are scanning something on a flat surface it begins to smooth out onto the ground if it isn’t too think. I thought it would be cool to try and map out scenes using random objects, Ben then thought of the idea to create cityscapes using house hold objects and Flo then suggested we go arty and recreate Salvador Dali’s persistence of memory painting. I idea of recreating surrealist painting was something we really enjoyed and has a lot of room for us to expand on.

our 3D Scan We mapped ben at the start of our project just trying to figured out how everything worked. I layered a couple gradients over to make it look like a gold statue, we had idea of recreating mount Rushmore with all of our faces which would have been awesome but we didn’t get around to it. I still have Kinect software installed so I’m sure random 3D objects will start appearing over time.

Published December 02, 2012 by Sam Billingham in Real-Time