The Content Roadblock

I’ve been a little slack with posting on my blog over the past month. Plenty of writing is happening, but nothing is making its way out of the drafts folder. That sucks.

Whats going on?

This problem is not unique to me and it is not unique to writing. I’ve experienced the same problem when coding. I know photographers and artists recognise the exact same issue. Let’s just say everybody does. If a piece of work does not reach an internal standard of quality, then nobody gets to see it. I call this “The Content Roadblock”.

The Content Roadblock

a barrier or barricade on a road, especially one set up by the authorities to stop and examine traffic.

The roadblock is that barrier you setup that is somewhere along you content production highway. It’s a space between creation and sharing, and everybody’s roadblock sits somewhere slightly different.

The idea behind the roadblock is good, it stops you throwing anything and everything in front of people. The problem, however, is it becomes an insurmountable barricade that stops you producing and sharing anything at all. Many people, including me, end up asking “If it won’t pass the roadblock then why should I start to begin with?”

Often all of your ideas end up in a lay-by just before hitting the roadblock never to be heard from again. I have plenty of projects that are still sat in this imaginary lay-by.

Passing The Roadblock

How do we pass the roadblock?

Don’t wait. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can wait until your content is “good enough” your roadblock can move too.

It is a mindset shift and not a skills gap.

Launch at 90%. When something is almost there, just get it out of the door early. This might mean some of your content is not perfect or “as good as it could be” but everything is a learning process and over time this will change. Remember you can never really know how much one piece of content may help somebody, something you were going to leave behind. Share more, worry less.

I know some of my content is not perfect and could likely be improved, but this is about learning. I don’t expect to be an incredible writer from day one. The same goes for photography, videography, programming and anything else I am involved in.

This is not about me knowing how everything works, it’s about figuring it out along the way.

Two Things I am launching past the roadblock

I have a few upcoming posts that have successfully made their way from draft town past the barrier. Yes.

I am using my Instagram account to create a collection of memories and stories.

I have so many incredible experiences documented through photography, but nobody gets to see them. I will be uploading some of my older photos that really only live on Facebook or my computer.

Like the time, I went kayaking in Australia.

2012 kayaking Sunshine Coast. So ready for another #adventure #kayak #freedom #travel

A photo posted by Sam Billingham (@sam_billingham) on

The surprise trip to Dubai.

Take a frisbee everywhere you go. #sambillie28 #ultimate #dubai

A photo posted by Sam Billingham (@sam_billingham) on

That incredible sunrise for my 25th Birthday.

What a morning with @pete_veale @jimmyjamz1990 @jakegarbett #sunrise #snowdon #adventure

A photo posted by Sam Billingham (@sam_billingham) on

Or long boarding at Camp Chen Wanda.

Longboarding. Camp Chen A Wanda Pennsylvania #18465. Way back in 2010. #longboard #summer

A photo posted by Sam Billingham (@sam_billingham) on

Smash through the roadblock, start producing and sharing, you never know who you might help along the way.

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