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If you’re willing to strive hard enough to live your life differently it’s likely you’ll actually do it. - Tim Meek

You’ve heard this before but it’s worth repeating until it really sinks in. The people who you surround yourself with will become who you are. The people at Yestival are the people I want to surround myself with.

I’ve always felt I’ve been surrounded by people who don’t get it.

At Yestival, not once did I hear anybody complain. Zero negativity. Every single person I spoke to was encouraging, open minded, willing to share and willing to listen. I’ve not encountered that before and it was wonderful. People get it. People understand the value of time, that life is not guaranteed, that we should strive for purpose.

People asked different questions. I’m not a fan of the ‘what do you do’ question when you meet new people, well really i’m not a fan of the default ‘my day job is X answer’ the question at Yestival was ‘what brought you here?’, I love this question. We’re all on a journey and all at different points on that journey. What brought you here is a question about your story and the path you’re on.

People want to know ‘the plan’ but not in a judgemental way, it is okay to say I don’t know what I am doing. You don’t need to pretend you have it figured out. I don’t have it figured out.

Everybody was equal. At most conferences people line up to chat with speakers, at Yestival the speakers were incredible but the person next to you had an equally amazing story to share. You might not be an arctic explorer or ultra distance cyclist but everybody faces challenges and we all have a unique experience that can offer insight and encouragement to others.

Maybe it’s just me but stories of adventures, long distance human powered travels and the open road hit deep in the feels. So much of life seems to be about working to maintain what you have and not enough about double checking if what you have even matters. I can only imagine that there’s a certain meaning in life that you can only understand by getting knee deep into an epic journey.

The yes tribe is going places, I’m going too. Join Us.

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