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Sam Billingham in Venture Culture

Ditching Automakers for a Memories App

I’ve decided to change my idea quite drastically. Changing ideas this late into the game can be dangerous, Automakers which is my original idea is quite solid, but i just don’t feel very passionate about it. I’ve switched my focus to creating an App to fill what i think is a missing market place. The idea is to create a cross platform IOS, Android and Web app/desktop app for better documenting memories working both as a passive reminder and a more intuitive platform. You may think Facebook is already there for memory documenting and people do upload photos and post about important events but it often gets lost in the mass of other crap that is posted along with the new filtering system who knows if you would even see it. It’s not about being better than Facebook as a social network or better than Instagram for posting pictures, Memories is about two things having an app that helps you document your memories by knowing when you are with your friends in memorable environments and secondly a place look to remember time you spent with your friends and family. My app idea is blurred between the ideas of opportunity, re-design and passion. I have a passion for helping people create better memories for their life and i feel that the current app marketplace has an opportunity to use this new style of checking in which in itself is a re-design of the current way people create memories of where they were and who they were with.


How is this different to checking in?

A large part of my app will rely on the idea that you add friends and using geo-location the app will know when you have been with your friends for a long (1hr default or user option) period of time. Both parties are then invited to create a ‘memory’ add info/text, photos, videos, audio etc and it will be added to there memory book. Nobody “owns” the post and therefore has to be agreed on by all members and can be edited by all members. This works both as a more intuitive way of tagging as-well as a reminder to do so. A push notification can be both brilliant at the right time or down right annoying at the wrong time or when unnecessary, so memories will include customisation as-well as being able to have individual settings for each person you add. Memories will also adapt and learn from situations for example if you visit university every Wednesday 1-3 with the same people and you never use it as a memory it will stop asking.


Privacy will be based on three types, ‘at the event’ , ‘friends’ and ‘open only with link’ this allows the user to have a high level of control while still being simple and even when link are shared to Facebook an outsider wouldn’t be able to see anything when looking. Going to a persons page on memories wont allow you to see any memories ever, unless you are friends with them. I think its important to make a desktop/web app for use with memories allowing people to enjoy the special moments cross platform on bigger screens.

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Published November 28, 2012 by Sam Billingham in Venture Culture