Synapse Branding

Sam Billingham in Venture Culture

After much thought I decided on the name “Synapse” for my App, I’ve also thought about synaptic as a slight variation. I found the naming process extremely difficult, trying to find a short name that referenced a feature of the app and wasn’t a made up or conjoined name. I wrote down any and every possible relevant name I could think of, while working though potential names I followed three main themes, The process of Journey, creating and recollection of memories and the ideas of writing a story. Some of my other favourites I didn’t choose were Tail, Yarn, Together and Weave. Synapse is the gap between neurons and where messages are passed across when signals are being sent and received in the brain, (making memories) so I thought it was quite fitting. Synapse is a pretty popular term and well recognised by anyone who did science at school, its snappy and easy to remember.

Synapse is only the name for my app and therefore does not need to represent what my company would be called giving me a lot of freedom when it comes to registering with companies house. I plan on using something similar to Synaptic App inc but can change as needed.

The basis for my logo is threefold, firstly there is an S for easy recognition of the app, the S is broken representing the synapses we all have between our neurons and the colours around the edge blurred and overlaying to represent different memories coming together. I toyed with different variations using negative space. I’ve created some ideas for how synapse may look both on a mobile and a web app.

With the switch from my old site I’ve added the photos to my tumblr photo blog here

Published December 10, 2012 by Sam Billingham in Venture Culture