Website Refresh 2017

What type of year would it be without a website re-design…

In 2015 was released into the wild as my new blog. My attempt at encouragement and inspiration for building a life to be proud of. The process of getting thoughts out of my head and onto the screen was incredibly helpful and at least for me, enjoyable. My post about how to take a cold shower certainly still raises questions. I hope that a few people found my ideas interesting.

Aside from a couple posts during my cycle trip last year my site has been pretty dead. I am constantly writing ideas down, in-fact I write almost every day but I never had the push to put posts live (I’m sure a few of you know that feeling).

posting again??…

I don’t have a fixed schedule. My only goal is to release my thoughts into the world more often than never, maybe they’ll be useful to someone or maybe they won’t.

I’ve ported my old blog from over to I’ve tried in vain to buy for the past 3 years but the seller won’t sell it to me :(. was always for my coding projects while my main aim was —keep coding—, now things are shifting I want to reflect that here. This site will now house my blog, my youtube videos (sometimes with extra words), more photos. I’ll still keep the ‘professional portfolio’ aspect alive here and in future, I’ll expand to include more about my programming past and future projects.

That’s it.

Let me know what you think. Is having a personal blog in 2017 a waste of effort? Should my site be all about my work and experience to get me hired? ✌️

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