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First off, thank you! Time is possibly your most valuable resource, and I appreciate you using yours to read my words. I am Sam Billingham creator of Better Than Good.

The way people think about things and choose to spend their time has always fascinated me. I used to love spending hours having deep conversations with my friends, we’d discuss, space & time, different world views, what we wanted out of life or anything our imagination could muster up. It often seemed that other people just didn’t have the same sorts of conversations. It is time for me to head back to this place, but this time share my thoughts with people just like you.

Share your story

It is easy to see all of the content out there and think, “what difference will it make if I share my thoughts?” Well, you just don’t know who might end up reading your story. If you can help one person, it’s worth it. I have found a great place of focus, determination and drive; I am now here to share that place and knowledge with you.

Joel Runyon over at ImpossibleHQ has been incredibly motivational and i’d suggest you stop reading this right now and head straight over there. Now Imagine if Joel had decided it wasn’t worth sharing his story. If you fancy starting your own blog and need help, I am over here.

The lies we tell ourselves

I recently discovered books, for years I thought “I was not very good at reading” I do not know why I thought this, but it was a complete lie that I was telling myself. There are so many lies we tell ourself. Books are incredible, thankfully I learned this at 24 and not 42.

I love the quote “Success leaves clues.” I am not sure who wrote it. I can see a lot of the motivational crowd recycle it, but that does not take away from its simple yet powerful idea. If you’ve never read many books in your adult life and feel like giving one a go, my Dad brought me, “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” by Donald Miller. I’d recommend everybody should read this book.

Donald talks about writing a better story with your life, the idea that life has a lot to offer if you’re willing to turn off your autopilot and take some risks.

There is so much involved in cultivating a sense of purpose and fulfilment for your life. The culture in the western world is not set up to do this for you. I believe this is whats causing so many problems within society today. So just know, you may have to go against the grain a little on your journey.

Join me on my journey. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on life, on creating a story worth living and how on earth we go about doing this. I believe life should be an adventure. Adventures don’t happen by accident and they certainly don’t happen when you’re on auto pilot.

Many people (mostly everybody) settle for okay in their life, perhaps some might even consider it “good”. I am here to create a life that’s better than that, one that is better than good. I am here to excel at every aspect of my life and to push the mediocrity out the door.

If you are looking to create a life that’s better than good and create your own adventure in the process, find me on twitter and lets talk. I would love to hear about your adventures, your stories or just a quick hello.

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