Sam here, welcome to my small corner of cyberspace.

This site documents my experiences through photos, videos and written thoughts. You'll mostly find me running around outside or making stuff on my laptop ✌️.

Currently working on The Bldg App with @Bldg_blox.


Video Projects

I filmed a bunch during 2016 - 2018. I set out in an effort to better document my experiences.

I endeavour to improve my film making. I continue to share my experience and stories from the road working towards producing short documentaries on adventure, travel & alternative living.

All Videos Youtube Channel

I am still undecided on photos.

Too many photos or not enough? The balance is difficult.

I read somewhere the value of a photograph grows with it's age. Here's to investing in photographs so I'll be rich in memories later.

But not too much ay. No need to greedy.

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