Three words that make a story worth sharing

What is the best use of our time and how do we create a story worth sharing?

Time is a limited resource. Almost everyday I end up questioning “what is the best way to spend my time”? I am not sure I have an answer for this one yet. There is one thing I think I do know. That time passes wether you choose to use it or not, either way it’s gone.

Already it feels like “where did the time go” I can only imagine what it feels like nearing the end of your days when that feeling is stronger. I believe that having a direction is key to regaining some control. If there is no focus or direction things tend to drift.

To stop the drifting of my days I’ve decided to add a little extra focus to me life. I like to think that everybody needs a code, a motto, something simple to help them remember what they’re trying to accomplish. My daily reminder is simple. To learn more, explore more and create more. Three words that I think will lead to a life well lived.

Learn. Explore. Create.

I wanted some success criteria. How do you know when things are going well? I created a list. This list is not intended to be finite, I hope this will grow and morph as my ideas and goals change. I’ve separated them out into my three key ideas. There is a lot of room for overlap but thats a good thing.

Learning is powerful. The lightbulb moment is very possibly unmatched. When you feel yourself starting to make connections, you brain or muscle memory finally able to recall the correct pattern it is an incredible feeling. Seeing improvements is so exciting. My learn list is pretty long. So many things I want to be able to do. One of the most exciting things about learning is the possibility to pass the knowledge on in the future. Learning requires so much investment so I can only imagine many of these will be a long time coming but thats okay.

Exploration is necessary(for me). There is so much out there in the world. We live in a time where the world has become small, everything is assessable. It seems crazy to me not to explore. If life were a Sci Fi I would want to be the explorer not the technician.

Creation is a game changer. The power to create is the power to change lives. Imagination is our greatest tool and creating allows us the opportunity to have a lasting impact. Imagine a world full of creators.

These adventures should be shared and are always made more exciting with like minded humans. So if anybody wants to learn with me, create things with me or explore with me then let me know, I’ll be there in a heartbeat.

Read my starting list here - Learn. Explore. Create. - The List.

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